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Ayurveda tips

Ayurveda has a large number of health tips which can easily be integrated into an everyday routine.



Panchakarma cures – rejuvenation during the menopause

Women during the menopause know a thing or two about it: Some have trouble with sudden hot flushes and subsequent freezing, irritability and temper tantrums.

In others the hot flushes are not so bad, but they often feel nervous and fearful, they cannot sleep at night and suffer from constipation. Yet another group of women complain about drowsiness and  weight gains.

Where do the typical complaints during menopause come from?

Practitioner Eugen Lüchtefeld, manager of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre Mönninghausen, explains: “When menstruation stops, waste products cannot be excreted through the monthly bleeding anymore. So all of a sudden a regular detoxification is no longer ensured. For this reason the female organism resorts to drastic measures, partly in order to get rid of these waste products.”


Can’t the female body be assisted in the process of removing the waste products?

”Here the Panchakarma cures are an obvious choice. By their very nature they are “pure detoxification”, says Eugen Lüchtefeld. Based on many years of experience he reports: “It is not only that many fat-soluble wastes are removed through the intestines and the skin during this Ayurvedic treatment, the whole organism is relieved and visibly rejuvenated. The daily oil massages can reactivate additional hormones which were outsourced to the wilting skin. When the hormones return to the blood circulation, it can happen that menstruation sets in again in the patient, and the body is cleansed again by menstruation. In such cases, a Panchakarma cure provides a double rejuvenation effect in the truest sense of the word!”


Can this rejuvenating effect be retained after the treatment as well?

Vaidya (Ayurvedic physician) Akhila Thekkapat, who is practising in the Health Centre Mönninghausen as well, says: “Yes, even after the treatment women can do quite a lot for themselves. During the treatment the patient learns which measures can be integrated into her daily routine at home so that body, soul and mind remain in balance. This includes, for example, dietary recommendations adapted to her sensitivities and tips on how to organise the daily routine.”


The menopause as viewed by Ayurveda

How does Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, view this big transition phase of the female organism which causes so much discomfort to many women around 50?

Vaidya Akhila Thekkeppat, our Indian Ayurveda doctor, says:

Ayurveda does not consider the menopause as an illness, but rather as a natural transition of the female organism between 45 and 55 years of age. As every woman is unique with respect to her constitution, the symptoms vary from woman to woman.

Women with a lighter body (Vata constitution) experience themselves as being more nervous and fearful, they cannot sleep at night, they have only mild hot flushes, but instead they suffer from constipation again and again.

Women with a good digestive fire (Pita constitution) frequently complain about extreme heat. Temper tantrums occur more frequently, and urinary tract infections are no rarity either.

Women with a voluptuous body (Kapha constitution) tend to have more problems with overweight. Fatigue, mycotic infections, bad digestion or oedemas may occur as additional typical symptoms.

Vaidyas (Ayurveda doctors) always consider women holistically in their uniqueness. In this way they can give simple and yet tailor-made tips on diet (recommendations of suitable food and spices), on the organisation of daily routines, exercise (Yoga Asanas) and meditation which can be integrated easily into everyday life. In addition, Vaidyas know about the effect of special herb oils or Ayurvedic nutritional supplements, which can balance the processes in the female body specifically.

An ideal help during the menopause are Panchakarma cures, which systematically detoxify the organism and thus have a visible rejuvenating effect. The Health Centre Mönninghausen has decades of experience with these treatments which provide noticeable relief – not only for menopausal women.


RESET for body and soul

We have all had this experience sometime: A PC starts up and operates wonderfully quickly when it is new. But the older it gets, and the more programs are running at the same time, the slower it gets.

For a short time, it helps in most cases to shut down the whole system and to reboot it. But occasionally the old data and the unused programmes have to be erased and the hard disc drive has to be de-fragmented to make the computer work again without any flaws.

And what about your performance as a human in a living body?

Today high demands are made on information processing, decision-making, communication, mobility, and managerial skills. In the long run, these demands will tire out both body and soul. That is quite natural. Over a long period, the pressure can lead to burnout or to somatic diseases. For this reason it is essential to give the whole “human system” the opportunity to regenerate regularly and effectively. But how can this be done and where?

We suggest an Ayurveda clinic and a Panchakarma cure !

What do these words mean?

Ayurveda is a system of knowledge about life in accordance with one’s own nature. It comes from India, where it was handed down from generation to generation over the millennia. Among other things, it includes highly effective and yet gentle medical treatment methods which permit patients to return to their inner balance within a relatively short period of time.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma cures aim at freeing the body from metabolic waste products and environmental toxins. During such treatments it can be observed how the body literally rejuvenates itself – when it is relieved from its old burden.

For a Panchakarma treatment it would be most sensible to withdraw completely from your normal everyday life. For this you do not need to go through the hardships of travelling to India, however!

Our Ayurveda clinic is located in the village of Geseke-Mönninghausen near Paderborn in Northern Germany. Our buildings were designed according to the principles of Sthapatya Veda, the Indian architectural tradition. Since 1996 the centre has been managed by the practitioner Eugen Lüchtefeld. This clinic has proved to be an ideal place to break away from the treadmill of everyday life and to give its residents a real “reset for body and soul”.

The recuperative effect is favoured by

  • a first-class treatment in the first European Sthapatya Veda clinic
  • the exclusive use of biological foodstuffs during the course of a treatment
  • a very favourable atmosphere, which is the result of the unpretentious nature of the accommodation
  • the use of other effective methods of treatment especially adapted to the patients

The declared intention of every Panchakarma cure is an optimal regeneration of physical and mental resources – fine-tuned to the present condition of each guest.


Eugen Lüchtefeld
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