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Body cleansing cure

In all its organs and systems our body makes a constant effort to maintain a condition of balance and health (wound healing, infections are fended off, et cetera). According to the teachings of Ayurveda, the body accumulates waste in the course of its life, especially in case of an unfavourable diet and of too much stress. These metabolic waste products prevent the body from being able to maintain its own balance.

The aim of a Panchakarma cure is to activate these metabolic waste products by targeted measures, such as oil massages and steam baths, and to pass them out of the body subsequently. After a Panchakarma cure, body and soul feel regenerated and refreshed. A condition of physical health and mental balance is the result – sometimes this is an entirely new experience for patients, sometimes they feel they have regained something they thought they had irretrievably lost.  

Eugen Lüchtefeld
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