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    Current activities at the Health Centre


    Wild herb seminar with Dr John Switzer

    On May 10th, 2014 from 10 am to 3 pm for € 69 at the Health Centre in Mönninghausen


    Twice last year, Dr John Switzer has enthused his course participants with his knowledge and his experience in our Health Centre.

    We always start with a small wild herb excursion, learn about the theory and practice of Dr. Switzer’s special wild herb diet, which he calls “vital wild herb diet”, and at the end we conjure up a “vital food” buffet.

    Dr Switzer employs the secrets of his “vital food” diets in his Ayurveda treatments and reports about his impressive experiences.

    Only foods with an especially high content of nutrients, such as bio photons, enzymes, chlorophyll and secondary plant substances, are able to release unexpected energies and healing powers. In order to make this high-energy food tasty, Dr Switzer has created a number of delicious wild herb recipes. The result is his special wild herb diet which is a delight even to fans of gourmet food.

    In order to be able to understand this diet, it has to be experienced at first hand: It works completely differently from organic whole foods or from the Ayurvedic diet.

    This seminar is densely packed with knowledge of theory and practice. During this weekend you will receive numerous suggestions on how to optimise your eating habits. During a wild herb excursion and the subsequent food preparation you will learn how to conjure up fantastic dishes with edible wild herbs.

    Experience the phenomenal effects of wild herb energy cocktails on body and soul.

    Experience how fast the tasty wild herb dishes can be prepared in the kitchen.

    Experience one of the best anti-aging strategies there is. By means of wild herb cocktails, organic micro-minerals and Ayurvedic strategies, everyone can turn back his or her biological clock.

    Please register your attendance as early as possible! In case of a large number of attendants, Dr Switzer will have to offer a second course. 

    Telephone +49 (2942) 78558, Facsimile +49 (2942) 979195, Email:


    Holidays of the Indian Ayurveda practitioners

    Our two Indian Ayurveda practitioners will be on holiday in September.


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