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Panchakarma and its treatments

Panchakarma is the most important therapy in the old Indian healing system of Ayurveda. The therapy has healing effects on sick patients; and it helps healthy people to strengthen and retain their harmony between body and soul. A Panchakarma treatment is pleasant and purifying. It is like being re-born.

Particularly in cases of chronic disease, Panchakarma treatments can achieve extraordinary successes, due to its holistic approach which is free of side-effects. Ayurveda uses proven procedures to loosen and to remove deep-seated metabolic waste products by means of very pleasant oil massages.

But patients who feel healthy and robust profit from the health-improving effects of a Panchakarma treatment in many respects as well: The early removal of metabolic waste products from the organism has a prophylactic effect against many diseases and strengthens the immune system. The pleasant calming or stimulating effects of the oil massages have a highly rejuvenating effect as well, and often this is noticeable while the cure is still going on.

Health is our most valuable possession. In Maharishi Ayurveda man is seen in his entirety of mind, body and soul. That is why health is not limited to the body. It depends on the inner well-being of the mind. In order to boost mental well-being, we can learn and practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation and Yoga, within the framework of the Panchakarma treatment.

During a Panchakarma cure, various forms of treatment are applied, and they are attuned individually to the type of physique and to the current constitution of each patient. In our Health Centre, the following types of treatment are offered:

Abhyanga — a synchronous massage for the whole body

The patient receives a massage of his/her whole body, which is carried out completely synchronously by two therapists. Men are treated by men and women by women. The massage oils enter deep into the skin and dissolve fat-soluble toxins (poisonous substances) from the tissue.



Basti — enema

This medical rectal enema contains special herb mixtures in order to stimulate the intestines to remove impurities. At the same time it balances the physiology.


Nasya — head-and-neck treatment

Nasya is a method of treatment which is applied in case of migraines, sinusitis and other head strain. It is also highly recommendable for acute cases at the beginning of a cold.


Netra Tarpana — eye treatment

Ayurvedic eye treatment with special oils.  


Shirodhara — forehead oil flow treatment

A warm stream of sesame oil enriched with herbal essences flows continuously over the forehead in a certain pattern. The nervous system is profoundly relaxed and Vata is distinctly reduced. The effect is best with an empty stomach.


Udvartana — a synchronous massage for the whole body

A synchronous massage for the whole body with a special paste. As a result the metabolism is stimulated and Ama is reduced.


Vishesh — a synchronous massage for the whole body

Vishesh is also a synchronous massage for the whole body, which is carried out with more pressure and thus reaches lower tissue sections.


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